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(2023) Covid-19, ivermectin and censorship - w/ Bret Weinstein (Joe Rogan #1919)
A celebration of cinema - w/ Edgar Wright & Quentin Tarantino (Empire Podcast)
A once in a millennium opportunity - w/ Preston Pysh (Closing the Loop #08)
AI, Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink - w/ Elon Musk (Joe Rogan #1169)
Aim at a Star Lecture (Jordan Peterson)
An interview w/ Jamie Benyon & Lucy Jordan (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
Anything & everything - w/ Adam Curry (Joe Rogan #1679)
Anything & everything w/ Tim Dillon (Joe Rogan #1860)
Astrophysics - w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson (Joe Rogan #1159)
Astrophysics - w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson (Joe Rogan #1658)
Big tech, privacy and surveillance - w/ Dr. Robert Epstein (Joe Rogan #1768)
Bitcoin UTXO's - w/ Shinobi (What Bitcoin Did: Bitcoin Tech #1)
Bitcoin Wallets - w/ Shinobi (What Bitcoin Did: Bitcoin Tech #3)
Bitcoin is time - w/ Gigi (Stephan Livera #313)
Bitcoin mastermind - w/ Lyn Aiden & Jeff Booth (The Investors Podcast #BTC026)
Bitcoin to solve our debt crisis w/ Jeff Booth (Natalie Brunell)
Bitcoin's international impact - w/ Alex Gladstein (The Investors Podcast #BTC023)
Bitcoin, anarchy, and Austrian Economics w/ Saifedean Ammous (Lex Fridman #284)
Bitcoin, authoritarianism and human rights - w/ Alex Gladstein (Lex Fridman #231)
Carl Jung Lecture (Jordan Peterson)
Colour grading mistakes w/ Noem Kroll (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
Covid-19 - w/ Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, board-certified cardiologist. (Joe Rogan #1747)
Covid-19 - w/ Dr. Robert Malone, MD, inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents. (Joe Rogan #1757)
Covid-19, ivermectin and censorship - w/ Bret Weinstein & Dr. Pierre Kory (Joe Rogan #1671)
Cypherpunks, money and Bitcoin - w/ Nick Szabo (What Bitcoin Did #163)
Dead Poets Society - w/ Tom Schulman (Script Apart)
Die Hard - w/ Stephen E de Souza (Script Apart)
Dollar cost averaging - w/ Hass McCook (Stephan Livera #228)
El Salvador: the whole story - w/ Jack Mallers (What Bitcoin Did #362)
Film w/ Quentin Tarantino (#160 Two Bears 1Cave)
Film w/ Quentin Tarantino (Bill Maher)
Film w/ Robert Rodriguez (The Tim Ferriss Show #98)
Film, the Universe, AI & virtual reality - w/ Neill Blomkamp (Joe Rogan #1698)
Final films - w/ Quentin Tarantino (Pure Cinema Podcast)
From Dusk Till Dawn of the Dead (The Pod Charles Cinecast)
From the Petrodollar to the Bitcoin standard - w/ Alex Gladstein & Nic Carter (What Bitcoin Did #353)
How inflation is stealing your wealth - w/ Jeff Booth (The POMP Podcast #572)
How to lose fat with science (Huberman Lab #21)
Life stories - w/ Macaulay Culkin (Joe Rogan #1153)
Life stories & film - w/ Guy Ritchie (Joe Rogan #956)
Life stories & film w/ Quentin Tarantino (Joe Rogan #1675)
Life stories - w/ Kevin Heart (Joe Rogan #1278)
Life stories - w/ Matthew McConaughey (Joe Rogan #1552)
Making a $1000 feature w/ The Lewis Brothers (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
Mass psychosis, crowd formation and our grave situation - w/ Professor Mattias Desmet (Peak Prosperity)
Mindfulness - w/ Amishi Jha (Joe Rogan #1723)
Muscle growth, strength & recovery (Huberman Lab #22)
Mysteries of the universe - w/ Brian Greene (Joe Rogan #1428)
NSA's surveillance program & whistleblowing - w/ Edward Snowden (Joe Rogan #1368)
Neurobiology and biochemistry - w/ Dr. Andrew Huberman (Joe Rogan #1683)
Orange pilling the IMF - w/ Jack Mallers (What Bitcoin Did #460)
Philosophy, economics, & life - w/ Naval Ravikant (Joe Rogan #1309)
Point Break - w/ W. Peter Lliff (Script Apart)
Quantum physics - w/ Brian Greene (Joe Rogan #1631)
Rocky Horror w/ Richard O'Brien (It Happened in Hollywood)
Sex, dating, relationships - w/ Dr. David Buss (Huberman Lab #48)
Shooting as a one-man-band w/ Noam Kroll (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
Sleep, dreams & creativity - w/ Dr. Andrew Huberman (Lex Fridman #164)
Society, politics, and culture - w/ Jocko Willink (Joe Rogan #1740)
Speed - w/ Graham Yost (Script Apart)
Sphinx chat, and rearchitecting the internet - w/ Paul Itoi (TFTC #239)
Staying committed to your film w/ Noam Kroll (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
Stoicism w/ Ryan Holiday (Joe Rogan #1836)
Story development w/ Noam Kroll (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
Suggestion, Stoicism, & meaning of life - w/ Derren Brown (Joe Rogan #1198)
Tech w/ Marc Andreessen (Joe Rogan #1840)
Testosterone - w/ Carole Hooven (Joe Rogan #1665)
The Booth series - w/ Jeff Booth (The "What is Money" Show)
The Lightning Network - w/ Ryan Gentry (The Investors Podcast #BTC019)
The Video Archives Podcast - Dark Star / Cocaine Cowboys
The importance of controlling your dopamine (Huberman Lab #39)
The making of Silk Road, film & crime stories - w/ Tiller Russell (Joe Rogan #1614)
The power of introverts - w/ Susan Cain (Lex Fridman #298)
The quiet master of cryptocurrency - w/ Nick Szabo (The Tim Ferriss Show #244)
Two man crew w/ Noam Kroll (Micro-Budget Filmmaking)
UFO's w/ Eric Weinstein (Joe Rogan #1945)
UFOs and aliens - w/ Garry Nolan (Lex Fridman #262)
Video Archives w/ Quentin Tarantino & Roger Avary (ReelBlend)
Wrapped Bitcoin and sidechains - w/ Shinobi (What Bitcoin Did: Bitcoin Tech #4)
You have endless potential Lecture (Jordan Peterson)
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